Ronnbergia campanulata

Kingdom: PLANTAE

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Ronnbergia campanulata

The species author for Ronnbergia campanulata: Gilmartin & H.Luther

IUCN Status for Ronnbergia campanulata: EN B1ab(iii)    ver 3.1 (2001)

Year of Assessment for Ronnbergia campanulata: 2003

Evaluation for Ronnbergia campanulata: Manzanares, J.M. & Pitman, N.

IUCN Evaluator for Ronnbergia campanulata: Valencia, R., Pitman, N., Lon-Ynez, S. & Jrgensen, P.M. (Ecuador Plants Red List Authority)

Status rationale for Ronnbergia campanulata: A terrestrial bromeliad endemic to Ecuador where it is known only from the type, found in the northwestern Cordillera del Cndor above the Ro Zamora. No other collections have been made since 1972. Until new subpopulations appear, the species is considered Endangered because its geographical range is potentially confined to the Cordillera. The principal threats are deforestation produced by colonization, timber extraction and mining. No specimens of this species are housed in Ecuadorian museums. Habitat destruction is the only known threat to the species.

Threats for Ronnbergia campanulata: 1.3.1

Citations for Ronnbergia campanulata:

Luther, H.E. and Sieff, E. 1994. De Rebus Bromeliacearum-I. Selbyana 15: 9-93.

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IUCN Citation for Ronnbergia campanulata: Manzanares, J.M. & Pitman, N. 2003. Ronnbergia campanulata. In: IUCN 2006. 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. <>. Downloaded on 25 September 2006.

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Ronnbergia campanulata

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